Men Creating Peace (MCP) is a non-profit men’s education program committed to helping men age 16 and older restore connections to themselves, their intimate partners, their families and their communities. MCP provides a safe environment for men to communicate with other men. Through accountability and advocacy, men gain new coping strategies to successfully develop healthy relationships and create more peace in their lives. Participants learn communication and active listening skills designed to create deeper intimacy in their relationships.

Men Creating Peace believes that violence is a learned, maladaptive coping strategy to get needs met. At MCP, men learn new and healthy techniques of communicating and negotiating for what they need, from a place of equality.

Our classes are ongoing and open-ended, with each client having their own start date. Each client’s first class is free of charge and we welcome new men to check us out. Every man is required to participate in a class exercise to graduate from one stage to another, with final completion after three stages.

Training sessions are also available to corporations and any group that is interested in promoting a culture of collaboration and equality to their members.

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