Appreciation from Dr. Jennifer H. Ong, O.D

In appreciation of your work and dedication to end the cycle of violence in families, thank you Devon Gaster and Men Creating Peace!

I have served on the Planning Committee of the “Joining Branches Saving Lives” conference as a member of the Family Violence Council of Alameda County Superior Court for the last 4 years. Men Creating Peace with Devon Gaster’s leadership has been a crucial resource for our various service providers for families surviving domestic violence.

On September 26, 2014, I met one of the men who completed the 52 week batterer’s treatment program at Men Creating Peace. This is a young veteran who, after several consecutive deployments experienced a traumatic brain injury, PTSD and exhibited violent behaviors towards his family. I had the opportunity to meet and learn
about his struggles. This brave young man, a protector of our country and men/women under his command, is now able to assist fellow veterans who are also struggling with their tendencies for domestic violence through the guidance of Men Creating Peace.

The prevalence for domestic violence in PTSD survivors has been identified to be as high as 20% nationwide. Men Creating Peace is a supportive program that is successfully creating a path for our veterans and men struggling with violence to find a peaceful path to redirecting aggression. Thank you, Devon Gaster and Men Creating
Peace, for developing a program that supports ending the cycle of violence for generations of families.

Dr. Jennifer H. Ong, O.D
Planning Committee, “Joining Branches Saving Lives”