MCP Workshops, Meetings & Events, 2014


International Violence Assault and Trauma Conference

Devon Gaster and Kevin Penn are attending the conference in San Diego. They are

presenting with Dr. Lisa Firestone from the Glendon Association on identifying,

understanding and transforming violent individuals.

Men Creating Peace Launches their new website at !


Arab Cultural Community Center

Devon met with Ibrahim Elkarra who is the Social Services and Youth Program

Coordinator at the San Francisco Arab Cultural Community Center. This meeting

was the beginning collaboration on developing a new violence prevention

curriculum to work with Arab speaking male clients. Mr. Elkarra and his staff are

very interested in moving forward with this venture with Men Creating Peace.


Television interview with Victoria Vanayerst

Devon was interviewed by Victoria for her television program The Art of

Conscious Living. This interview can be viewed on You Tube.


Board of Equalization Seminar Nonprofit, Exempt and Grassroots Organizations

Devon attended the seminar in downtown Oakland.


Bayview Hunter’s Point Multipurpose Senior Services: In the Trenches Awards

Devon Gaster and Scott Schell, who are both former awards recipients, attended

the Awards luncheon with many colleagues and friends who work with formerly

incarcerated individuals who are changing their lives.

Alameda County Domestic Violence Collaborative monthly meeting

Devon Co-chaired the meeting at the Family Justice Center in Oakland.

The collaborative is working to develop a new resource guide for teens and young

adults in Alameda County.


Bay Area Blacks in Philanthropy Seminar

Devon and Frances Luster attended the all day training seminar on capacity

building and fundraising strategies.


Alameda County Batterers’ Treatment Providers meeting.

Devon attended the meeting between providers and the Alameda County

Probation Department in down town Oakland.

Men Creating Peace had a Board meeting this evening at the Family Justice Center

in Oakland. The board welcomed our newest member George Jurand.


Elder Abuse Conference at Hastings Law School in San Francisco.

Devon Gaster attended an all day conference on Elder Abuse

Alameda County Domestic Violence Collaborative meeting.

Devon Co-chaired the monthly meeting which featured a presentation by Dr.

Alicia Grefenson from Sharper Future on Sex Offender Treatment.


Men Creating Peace began facilitating violence prevention classes to men

incarcerated in San Quentin State Prison “H” unit.


Building Futures for Woman and Children 40 hour DV training.

Devon Gaster presented on Batterers’ Treatment and information about working

with men who have been convicted of DV.