Our program has made positive, long lasting changes in people’s lives.

The manalive™ curriculum, which the Men Creating Peace curriculum is primarly based on, set the standard for all batterer intervention programs when it was used as the model for Assembly Bill 226, which was passed by the Senate on July 8, 1993. The manalive™ curriculum is facilitated in community programs in San Francisco, Marin, Sacramento, and Placer. The manalive™ curriculum is also offered in San Francisco County Jail, Sacramento County Jail, and San Quentin State Prison. Manalive™ has worked for thousands of men over the last 30 years to successfully create peace in their lives.

One of the major contributing factors of domestic violence is that the perpetrator blames their victim(s) for their violence. Men Creating Peace, through accountability and advocacy, supports men to take responsibility for their abusive behavior(s). Men in the program gain tools which empower them to stop their own violence. Through negotiating boundaries and agreements, men learn how to create healthy relationships. Participants in the program support one another to stop manipulating, insulting, raging, threatening, and assaulting as a way to get their needs met.

The world is a violent place. As children, we learn a set of beliefs surrounding norms and societal behaviors that involve violence. Hit or be hit.

Men Creating Peace is committed to finding collaborative strategies to resolve the problem of violence in our society. Men Creating Peace facilitates the following:

• Domestic Violence

• Anger Management

• Conflict Resolution

• Trainings