Our clients come from all walks of life and may be attending for a variety of reasons.

Here are some statements from recent clients:

“I learned how my language and emotional behavior was hurtful to my partner and harmful to my relationship. I work to practice what I learned ongoing in my interpersonal relationships, for example to validate others’ feelings and statements to maintain a sense of equality. I also have learned to interpret my children’s behavior through the MCP model, and guide them to identify with the 8 basic emotions. Practicing what I learned through MCP with my children has helped me defuse many charged parent-child situations, rather than escalate them, and transfer safer coping strategies to my children.”
– Program Graduate

“I have found through the work in the program, the strongest model for change in my life. When I started, I was a bit resistant. Quickly, with guidance from Devon and Scott, I came to see the benefits of holding myself accountable and intimating with my emotions. This has had a great effect on my relationship with my partner who was the victim of my violence, and simultaneously aided me in communicating with my children and the other people in my life. I work a 12 step program. I am an addict. The violence prevention model in Men Creating Peace (MCP) fits perfectly with my recovery from behaviors associated with my addiction. After I stopped abusing drugs, M.C.P. helped me continue my 12 step program with a system that I was finally able to internalize. I am still a violent man. This work is never ending, the same as my recovery from addiction. I will continue utilizing tools from M.C.P. to aide me in stopping my violence. Today, I know that what goes on in my mind, need not turn into action. I owe great appreciation for my freedom from active violent behavior to the work I did in Men Creating Peace.”
– Mason W. Thatcher III, Program Graduate